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Apricot and Praline Éclairs
Fresh cream and apricot jam filled choux, topped with a crunchy almond praline
Lemon Éclairs
Fresh cream and lemon curd filled choux, topped with tangy lemon icing
Ferrero Rocher Choux
Fresh cream and chocolate hazelnut spread filled choux, coated with milk chocolate and hazelnuts
Rasberry & White Chocolate Éclairs
Fresh raspberry cream filled choux, topped with white chocolate and sprinkled with freeze dried raspberries
Salted Caramel Éclairs
Fresh cream filled choux topped with a sticky salted caramel sauce
Peanut Butter Éclairs
Fresh cream and peanut butter filled choux, topped with milk chocolate and peanuts
Les Petits Choux Bourbon
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Les Petits Choux Shortbread
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Peanut Butter Cookies
Paris Brest
Paris-Brest- Crown of choux pastry filled with fresh strawberries and cream, topped with white chocolate ganache
Choux Swan
These delicate choux swans are perfect for the desert table at a wedding or any special occasion